Logo Time!!!!!


I am super pumped to announce this is the Logo for my team! Over my Utah, trip my sister Vicki really did some brainstorming for me. I have been wanting to create a website and work on a Logo for my team. At the Young Living conventions or retreats you have groups or teams that you are a part of(downlines). My team was always with “Healing Reign” and it forever will be. I will say though, it feels fantastic to lead a team of awesome “oilers” who aren’t in it to get rich. My people are in this business/ family to share health with other people. To empower them to take responsibility for their wellness and to be make changes naturally if their body needs it. The best part is we continue to learn together and share with others.

This Logo represents me. Apple for the teacher in me. Whistle, for how I enjoy coaching and encouraging others in all aspects of life, and of course the drop of oil. My Young Living Oils keep me going, keep me encouraged and well, and give me the peace I need to tackle this crazy life I have.

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