January, Get Healthy Month

It’s been busy at my house with all of these Christmas parties. I just bought a new workout system as well. January is commonly a month for people to make resolutions and start a new year fresh with new commitments.

How about committing to your families health? Everyone deserves to be healthy and feel healthy. Our bodies take in chemicals everyday. Sometimes it is what we breath in, put on our skin, or come in to contact with by touching items we have washed with chemicals. When you choose to reduce your chemical use in your home you are taking a step to a healthier you.

This month there will be an opportunity for our Young Living Members to attend a class about “The Chemical Free Home”. How many of you want to reduce your exposure, but don’t know how? See the “Coming Events” page for more information.

If it’s information on how to use your oils to support your weight loss program, I can help you with that as well. Anyone interested in supporting their already physically FIT physique? We have some fantastic supplements and protein shakes.

Take some time and think about what your goals are for this year. How can I encourage you to make YOUNG LIVING OILS are part of that daily routine?

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