Massage Oils

I have fallen in love with the Young Living Massage oils. In the past I wasn’t familiar with their multiple uses, but now I want to share all the fun ways you can use these oils.


  • Relaxation oil has your lavender in it. You could use this as a base in a roll on for stress.
  • Relaxation could also be used for a whole body tune up after a stressful day.
  • Relaxation could be used as lotion/body oil to keep skin tone and silky.
  • Relaxation could be used for soothing a bad sunburn.
  • Relaxation could be used for a cranky baby massage.

Sensation– This oil really gives its purpose away in the name, but there are other possibilities.

  • This massage oil contains Ylang Ylang. This oil is well known for lifting your moods as a woman. It is in Joy, an oil in our Premium kit that is also amazing for skin.
  • Sensation can be used for an all over body lotion/oil.
  • Sensation is great for helping you manage your stress levels.
  • Sensation can be used on your face to tone your skin or even remove makeup.

Ortho-Sport/ Ortho-Ease

These two massage oils are for your managing and improving how your structure feels.

  • Ortho Ease is used in the raindrop massage technique. This oil is great after a hot bath of soaking sore muscles.
  • Sports athletes/ exercise junkies you will love this oil for supporting your body after a hard workout. It was my favorite on my 60 Mile cancer walk.
  • Ortho Sport can be used on a sore back after moving or a long day of farming or snowmobiling. (hint Josh’s favorite for a foot massage.)
  • Ortho Sport or Ease can be used as a base for a Sport/Discomfort roll-on.


This oil is an excellent carrier. If you would like to apply Peppermint of Thieves using a carrier is a good suggestion. Some who have sensitive skin might feel “cold or hot” with this oil. So adding an equal amount of carrier is important. massage-oils1


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