Vitality Line

The vitality line is still the same oil that Young Living has produced for YEARS! These labels were created and added to help our users understand that they oils were safe for the kitchen to flavor foods/ drink and take internally.

Nowadays, oils are flooding the market from companies that are our competitors. Many of these oils aren’t therapeutic grade. The distributors don’t know where these “essential oils” come from, what plant, what farm, or even how they are distilled. Some of these companies are honest from the start telling you straight out, “not for internal consumption”.

Honestly though, my thoughts are this. I have visited Young Living’s farms and distilleries. They allow you to see their labs where  they are continuously checking quality and purity. I don’t HAVE to worry about taking my oils internally, because I know without a doubt they are clean and pure. I always check the reference guide first for recommended usage and dosage.

Enjoy Vitality oils in your kitchen. Marinade with them, drink them and add them to all your favorite dishes. If you are like me you use them for EVERYTHING anyway. 🙂

vitality citrus


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