Summer Fun and Oils

How many of you are dealing with bites and burns today? Happy Tuesday and I hope it was a wonderful weekend. If you are in recovery mode or trying to get your little people healed up here are some tips.

Peppermint Oil is great for cooling down the skin where a bite might have happened. Some children can really swell from a bite. You could also layer it with Purification oil to help protect the area from infection. Purification has a great citronella smell to it. The best part is you can apply this as much as you need to in order to heal the area.

Frankincense Oil– The most important thing to recovering from a sunburn is hydration. You should be drinking lots of water and keeping the burn hydrated. Coconut Oil with a few drops of Frankincense will really promote healing of the area. Make sure to protect your skin with natural sunscreens in the future or light colored longs sleeve clothing. It takes 6 MONTHS for your skin to truly recover.

Check the Coming Events page for a make and take. We will be making bug spray and sunscreen.  


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