Fall Fabulous, Allergy annoying!

PrintWho doesn’t enjoy fall with leaves changing, cleanup to do and beautiful harvest moons. One thing that many people experience during fall that isn’t so wonderful is allergies and symptoms like itchy throat, drippy noses and sneezing fits. Here are some ideas to deal with allergy symptoms.

*Diffusing Purification can help clear out the air in your house. I clean with Purification. A couple drops in a warm bucket of water to wipe down furniture appliances and counter tops works amazing.

* Adding a couple drops of Purification to dryer balls improves the smell of your clothing as well. Plus the added bonus of NOT using chemicals. When you wear your clothes with fabric softener that softener is a chemical that is in constant contact with your skin. Our skin is our third kidney. We use our skin to detox things from our body. Don’t prevent that process.

*Did you know adding a small cap of Thieves cleaner to your wash soap is great for taking the stink and grime out of farmer’s clothes?! Or any hard working man’s clothing for that matter. Ok, maybe it helps really stinky athletic socks as well.

*Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint can be added to vegetable capsules for system wide support against allergy symptoms. The best part about Young Living products is that you don’t have to worry about taking them internally (when you follow guidelines from your desk reference book)

*Thieves is a major player in keeping my family healthy. We use this oil at night applied to feet to support our immune system against illness. I recommend adding a drop to a teaspoon of honey if you are already in the fight against something you have caught.

*Probiotics and Enzymes are important for supporting your internal health as well. If you are healthy internally you are better able to fight the external allergens.

Have a great fall and don’t forget to check the events page for November Fun coming soon!

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