Progessence Plus for “Balance”..Hormone Support and Stress

Well, 43 hasn’t been my easiest year while in this business. There is a lot on my plate. Part of managing stress and “business” as a parent is making sure your health is in tip top shape. At this point for me that continues to be sleep, nutrition and stress management.


It is important to get eight hours a night. Moms…. I completely understand only 5 some nights and 6 or 7 others. Ways to improve your sleep are plentiful. Set a reminder on your phone to head to bed. We set them for everything else. Monitor your sleep on your fitness device. Did you sleep better on an evening where you diffused lavender or applied it? Did you sleep better with your bite splint in? (yes it sucks but I do sleep better with mine.Lol) Did you sleep better not watching TV or checking your social media right before bed? The light from devices tends to wake up your internal brain clock so it is hard to fall asleep. Clarity oil swiped across your forehead is great for slowing down a busy mind. You can put our worries to rest and close your eyes. Frankincense is wonderful when applied to wrinkles and that also gets your brain into a sleep pattern (ask me about Wrinkle prevention)


As we age it is important to minimize our sugar and processed foods. These processed foods cause inflammation inside our body and can lead to immune system issues, digestive disruption etc. Make sure you are taking a good daily vitamin as well. Our Master Formula is awesome and includes oils for reducing inflammation. I eat the majority of my food at breakfast and lunch. Dinner is always veggies, protein and a moderate portion. NOT my biggest meal of the day because I sleep better when I have had a light dinner. Ninxgia Red is a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for your body. A shot a day keeps the Doc away 😉

Stress Managment

How many times a week do you feel your heart start pumping and the worry hit you? This is stress. When you are anxious or worried, when you are paying bills, or thinking about planning an event…… these times happen more frequently to some then others. Ideas for managing your stress are- 1. You received a rollerball for a bottle of oil in your kit. Attach it to your Stress Away oil. Roll this on your wrists or your collarbone when you feel stressed. The best part about oils is you don’t have to wait 6 hours to apply more. Bath in them if it helps you. 2. Put a drop in your hands and cover your nose. When you do this try some squared breathing. This technique is where you inhale, hold for three, exhale hold for three. As you breath in and out fill your lungs full with air then exhale “stress”.  Practice some yoga and stretching for 5 mins with your oils. Lavender, Valor II, Frankincense, and Release are all very calming when you feel your nerves are on edge. 3. Take a bath with epsom salts. Blend 5 drops Lavender into a cup of Epsom Salt and then pour it in your bath SOAK.

Progessence –

This oil is well known for balance and supporting your hormone balance. As women we monthly ride a roller coaster of hormones. Even as we age it feels as if it gets crazier. A few drops of this oil at night can support sleep and balance out your “crazies”.




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