Moms Supporting a New Generation

Moms….. this blogpost will hit my deepest level of passion. Our children are our future. We lead and teach our children by our own actions, our words and situations and how we are handle them. As mature adults handling stress can be overwhelming at times. How you handle stress is trained into your kids. You drink scream and fight through things with others, and your kids will see this as a normal coping reaction. What about medicine to help you manage stress, pop a Xanax. Or at the slightest sniffle you run to the doctor. Depressed and crying on the couch or in bed for days. YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS in anything you deal with. (Trust me at one time or another I have a hand in many of these coping mechanisms.) I am not pointing fingers here. Finding a more natural method of coping is important. Finding a natural method to correct physical and emotional problems we face is possible. Essential Oils have a direct impact on our Limbic system. (big word for brain emotional connection) When you smell an oil and you feel that “AHHHHHHH” your shoulders release and you breath, it means you needed it. The oil is working to release tension and stress your brain is holding on to.

Ideas for Moms-

  1. First, carry an oil or many, in your purse or car. When the girls were babies Peace and Calming was always in my quickest retrieval spot. For me the stress relief remedy I made from my Blossoming Hearts book is always there for me. I will literally put a drop on my hands, cup my nose and give it several calming breaths if I feel my patience breaking or tears coming. Mom’s know their kids. Now that my girls are older I am teaching them to identify the source of their emotional struggle. Lack of Food, Tired, Hurt, or dreaded hormones. We ride a roller coaster as women,  but if we are aware as women what the trigger is we can find our cure easier. Progessence Plus is on board all the time now. This natural Wild Yam oil helps relieve hormone responses for women.
  2. Get your rest and eat healthy. Lavender is amazing for sleep. Ylang Ylang mixed with Lavender is my nightstand diffuser combo. My bedroom always feels like a restorative place.
  3. Talk to a friend or therapist. Some people struggle with pride where they don’t think they “need” a therapist. Think of it as another person to give you suggestions on recovering and coping.
  4. Get out in Nature. Turn off devices and just put your bare feet on the ground. Listen to the wind, feel the earth under your feet. Sit by a creek and hear the water. This is when I can literally clear my mind and pray pray pray. Frankincense is amazing for times like this. I feel like it opens my mind to hear God and feel his love. I apply a drop to the back of my neck. (10 mins does wonders)
  5. Take a detox bath. Lock the door and put your epsom salt, Lavender and baking soda together in a glass bowl. Draw your water and poor it in. Magnesium is great for helping your body repair and helping your mind unwind. (1 small glass of wine at this point is acceptable)
  6. Keep your perspective. In the words of Great Grandma Ruth “this too shall pass.” Things could always be worse, and every storm has an end.

All of these ideas are perfect for your kids as well, minus the addiction to the bath. wink wink    Training your kids by leading by example. Set a healthy example for your children. Teach them to research healthy products, trust their intuition, and try natural methods first.


Hugs from this struggling mom to YOU! 

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