Thyroid! So Much Struggle

I am blessed with health! This isn’t a rant, but a sharing post. I want to give you some insight into my struggle for the past 10 years, before we discuss helping this organ out. First, I could not have learned as much or been encouraged to be as assertive for myself if it wasn’t for my sister Vicki! So thank you for being my advocate Vicki xoxo

***** Please note I am sharing, not making claims or pretending to be a doctor. Consult yours if you struggle.

My thyroid trouble started in between giving birth to Chloe and trying to get pregnant for Lily.


After having Chloe I was determined to have a 3rd child within or around the 2yr mark. That would put my kids all 2 years apart. My plans were not God’s plans. After two traumatic miscarriages for me I started to consider my thyroid might be the culprit. So I discussed this with my doctor. I have a wonderful practitioner who spent time ordering labs and discussing results with me. Needless to say, hormones were crazy and I was stressed trying to figure out what was going on with my body and chasing crazy kids. (managing a house, farm, kids and my teaching job)

Fast forward, I did eventually get pregnant for my “joy baby” Lily. She was born healthy and then the mission started. I have always been an exercise daily person. I was completely exhausted. I weighed in around 200pds. Too tired to workout was not working for me. I didn’t sleep much at night either. My doctor at one point in the 2 years after giving birth had even put me on a medicine to help me stay awake!

Then comes thyroid results again, where I literally had to beg and advocate for myself. (Doctors won’t tell you their guidelines include data from patients who range in age far outside of what your age is=90yr old!) I have a massive family history of Thyroid failure. All were put on Synthyroid and kept contact with their doctor. Through Vicki I learned about Young Living essential oils and started managing my toxins and stress a little more.

When my hair started falling out, my heart was having palpitations ,  not being able to lose weight and suffering from anxiety symptoms was when I truly went “Something is so wrong here!”

Vicki helped me identify this doctor online to gather information from. Diet, Stress, Toxins all are contributors to thyroid malfunction. The numbers are staggering! 27% of Americans have malfunctioning thyroids, those are ONLY the ones who are being diagnosed. Some are kicking,  fighting and changing doctors to get this diagnosis. 12% can expect to get diagnosed, and women are 5-8 times more likely to be diagnosed. (see article for data) Amy Myers MD

This is my 10th year on Thyroid medicine. I wish I could say Hashimotos has an easy fix. It is NOT easy. Just this year my thyroid antibodies started to freak out again. I had been put on the levothyroxine medication at the start of this process.  My doctor has been very good to work with about monitoring my levels and adjusting dosage. But when I got to such a high dose and then my antibodies where thrown off again, I requested to try a natural medication. Armor or Nature Throid is what I requested to try. It was a long discussion with warnings but in the end he did hear my request and gave me the script. At this time I am waiting for blood panels to see how it is going. I am so grateful this is my only ongoing medical issue. Healthy and getting healthier is my mission.

What can you do?

Do your research. Talk to your doctor! Learn about this organ and how it works. Learn from the Amy Myers Website. There are recipes there, and suggestions on how to discuss treatment with your doctor.

Manage your stress. Using essential oils to support my thyroid like Myrtle, Endoflex, and Frankincense has also been amazing for me. Oils are so much more then “diffuser additions”. Thyromin is an fantastic supplement for supporting your thyroid as well.

Exercise. As tired as you are keep working out. With a friend is helpful, because you encourage each other to keep fighting.

Evaluate your diet. Are you choosing foods that support your weight loss goals or are you choosing foods that dampen your metabolism, digestive system and in turn your thyroid?

Don’t give up! You practitioners and doctors should be there to support you, but keep talking with friends on their ideas and findings. Talk with your doctor!

If you need oil advice contact me.

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