What Are We Missing?

painIn this article there is a very important quote that I want to point out from a young man who survived the “Columbine Shooting Massacre”. (https://www.schoolnewsnetwork.org/index.php/2017-18/community-forum-puts-local-names-opioid-crisis/)

Austin Eubanks states, “My physical injuries healed very fast,” Eubanks said in his talk at Rockford High School. “But once my physical injuries healed, my emotional pain was just as debilitating. Knowing what I know today, I believe emotional pain is what’s driving the addiction epidemic.

This world is painful. There are hurts and traumas everyday in this world. There are things we can do to help our children and loved ones be prepared.

  1. Live out healthy coping mechanisms-  As people someone is always watching. Our people see our response to adversity. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Tears are cleansing, going to bed early is powering up, but being caught for long periods of time in those mechanisms is unhealthy. Find healthy coping mechanisms. Exercise, reading, prayer, chatting with friends, Yoga, or walking to name a few. Be honest with yourself and others about how you feel. Don’t try to pretend or be perfect.
  2. Ask for And Accept Help- As hard as this is for me, it is very important. Being overwhelmed only causes more stress. Real friends hold you accountable and help you recognize when take on too much. If you are struggling to overcome an addiction of some sort having a real friend is crucial.
  3. Talk to Someone- Seek help with a counselor or practitioner if you feel you are struggling. Mental health professionals know how to give you tools for coping and muscling through pain in a healthy way.
  4. Oil UP- Essential Oils work on the amygdala of the brain.  This structure is shown to play a key role in the processing of emotions, the amygdala forms part of the limbic system. When you apply oils, smell oils and diffuse oils you are “settling” that part of the brain. Helping your body learn to “NOT” overreact when that past hurt resurfaces. There are so many information texts to support this oil/emotional work.

As I am at the beginning of the end of one of my own journeys in life, I recognize the value of teaching my girls how to cope and heal in a healthy manner. Everyone does life differently, but teaching coping skills to our loved ones is almost as important as balancing their checkbook, cooking healthy meals, or cleaning their bathroom. It is a proactive plan. Without my faith, oils, and family I wouldn’t have the peace of mind I do today.


**** Information stated here is the opinion of the author. This by no means is meant to represent a medical suggestion, or pass judgement.


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