Why Do We Choose This? Bodies after 40!

teaI know you hear it all the time and see the stats just like I do. 30% of Michigan residence are considered Obese. Hey guess what????? I am included in that number due to BMI. Just because our nation believes that bodies fail at 40 something doesn’t mean we have to continue that cycle. EDUCATE yourselves. Why do you lose muscle? Why do women get the “gut” in their 40’s? Why are so many men living with “no libido” ? Here are some very basic ideas for staying young. It all takes discipline. It takes educating yourself on good health practices. It takes SWEAT and pain and denying yourself that dessert most of the time, but dammit YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Eat Fresh

Fresh greens and lean proteins are what is best for our bodies. Minimize your processed food intake. Shop the outside aisles at the store. Fresh food has enzyme activity which helps you break down other foods you eat. If you cook your veggies steaming them is best. Don’t slather it in butter and cheese, but try different seasonings. For example, I love eggs in the morning for protein. I add mustard when I am scrambling my eggs. Amazing flavor comes from that little teaspoon. If you MUST use cheese hard cheeses are best. I use grated Parmesan.  When it comes to portion sizes I worry about portioning high fat foods, but greens…. NEVER. Fill up on the bulk. I eat peas at bedtime to overcome cravings. Better to get fiber then junk and processed carbs.

Protein should be lean and be able to fit within the palm of your hand. We totally overdo our portion sizes in this country. Just watch Super Size the movie and you will be totally grossed out. Take a medium sized plate, portion it off 2/3 veggies 1/3 protein. Grill your protein, or saute it. Turkey, Chicken, eggs and fish are my go to proteins. I love nuts as a snack. They can stay in my glove box and not freeze during winter as well.  Keep a daily log of your foods and if you have more then 10 pds to drop to feel healthy then you should be tracking your foods and planning them out. Just like our budgets, and we know how tough that is for some of us.


Your body is majority water. If you are dehydrated by only 3% you can suffer symptoms of not being able to focus in your mornings. Your body also doesn’t know the difference between the “feel” of hunger and water. Try water first. If you are a coffee drinker like me that is fine, as long as you drink a cup of water for each cup of coffee. Drink it black. Cream adds fat and calories. Did you know that soy milk can add “phyto estrogens” which mock hormones in your body? Steer clear of it. Drink your coffees black. I use coconut or almond milk if I want mine creamier. I would rather eat my calories. Tea is a fantastic alternative as well. Warm and no calories.

Wine- A couple years ago I went to red wine for the antioxidants. Anything sweet is calories and can throw off your blood sugar. Now with 2 teenagers I enjoy 4 ounces to calm down at night! ( don’t forget my emotional oils ) Lol


This was something I wanted to teach my kids out of the gate. Abi really took to it. If we go through the drive thru window she orders a happy meal at McDonalds. If we order ice cream at Dairy Queen she orders a small. Take a small plate this Christmas at dinner and a large bowl for salad. Ditch ALL your big plates. The only thing you should over do on is VEGETABLES! (without the extra cheese and sauce)


Make your body work! Walking with a friend doesn’t raise your heart rate. If you can barely carry on a conversation then you are doing it right. My knees are poor so I started lifting weights. Heavy lifting works well for my body type. Maybe it is PIYO for you. Your body might enjoy elliptical workouts. People who suffer with being very obese start small. Walk a mile for two weeks then add to it. Work your way up. There is nothing wrong with starting at 5 push ups and 5 sit ups. 1/2 hour to an hour daily. Do it because it makes you feel stronger, confident, your clothes fit better and you don’t have that guilt from eating poorly the next day.

See Your Doctor Yearly

It is important to keep track of your health with your doctor. I truly believe in managing your health as best you can and as naturally as you can. When it comes down to it though, we have genetics to factor into the equation as well along with environment. Thyroid is a mega monster in my family history. I have managed this for 10 years with the counsel of my naturopath sister Vicki and my Doctor Tim Izzo. Sometimes we have battled over medicines, but we always agree on being proactive. Yearly blood panels to monitor your hormones, and cholesterol limits is important. God gave us technology and wisdom when it came to medicine, but he also gave us common sense and a mind to think for ourselves. Do your research on things before you jump into surgery or new meds. Ask questions and also get second opinions.

Young Living

Young Living has made a commitment to blessing people with toxin free cleaning products, supplements that are perfect for the body, and oils to help us manage emotions and heal our body mind and spirit.

If you want more information on classes our team is holding to help you reach goals or live longer check out my events page.


2 thoughts on “Why Do We Choose This? Bodies after 40!

  1. SamanthaDee says:

    It’s all so sensible when it’s laid out like that isn’t it? 🙂 I think we also have to take into consideration how deep the bad habits go, what emotional attachment we have to them and how resilient we are to change habits, given that it takes 100 days to form a new one! Good article, thanks.


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