Raising Daughters!

IMG_9314First, I am sorry girls that I share our world here for other parents to read about. Someday you will understand why having a community of caring parents is so important.

With daughters you ride the emotional roller coaster daily, could be with boys too. I work very hard to find the balance with discipline and love. As a parent you have to make those tough decisions to discipline because you know if you don’t they learn bad habits that can affect their future.

For example- “Daughter” was very stressed Tuesday morning. She got verbally disrespectful so I took her phone. At the end of the day when I expected to have her come back in and be peaceful about prior experiences she was still cold ornery and upset. At this point, I didn’t hold it together. I was convinced she needed to get over it. I pushed on her too hard thinking the problem was the morning discipline. I lost my cool. I had been using oils all day, but it didn’t prepare me for the hurtful words. I cried most of the way home while the whole car sat in silence.

Once home she headed straight for her room. Determined to not address the anger and communicate it out. A dear friend said, “run a Zyto Scan see what comes up.” She obliged and sat for a few minutes. When it was done it brought up an oil I always have on hand. She didn’t say anything and went straight to our board for the oil.


She put some on her chest and not 20 sec later the tears came and she started filling me in on what was “REALLY” wrong. It was good solid open communication with an apology and a promise to talk more next time.

I can’t count how many times I have had these moments with my girls. Sometimes they just open my bag and find one that smells good. Sometimes an oil is smelled and it brings tears and emotions up my child needs to deal with.

Most oils have an emotional connection, yesterday that emotion was Loneliness and it was spot on! I praise God daily for these natural God given, oils. They support so many parts of my life. I am always trying to share with other parents who are riding the same “circus” as I am.

If I can help you with oils and your family, please let me know.

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