Fall Folly


This time of year ALWAYS gets the best of me. Sugar addiction has been one of my biggest vices. I am a comfort eater. When stuff gets rough in the daily life I just fuel the problems with eating too much sugar. How is this such a big deal, you ask? “Tonya, you workout everyday. You can eat all the corn you want”. NOT REALLY  Let’s take a look at what all the sugar does to our bodies and then determine how we can best attack the issues at hand.

First, sugar sets your body to a really acidic PH. Acidic bodies are breading grounds for bacteria and fungus, aka Yeast. You know those mornings you wake up and your spit is sticky and gross in your mouth? Yes, that is too much sugar. Or ladies you wipe and arghh that horrible itchy feeling? Then it progresses to a yeast infection.  How about the cut that doesn’t heal on your arm? These all come from a weakened immune system that happens due to sugar.

Sugar also stresses your pancreas out. Every time you take a big dip into the sugar jar, eat too many carbs, or overdo the adult beverages your pancreas has to dump insulin in the body to deal with spiking glucose levels. The more it is overworked the worse you feel.

So what do we do to help our body deal with sugar????? MODERATION- eat less sugar.

I use  Young Living Tea Tree and AlkaLime to put my body back to a more balanced PH. Using our Young Living products to maintain our healthy body gives us tools for success. Do you research, talk to your practitioner and commit to using moderation in your daily choices.

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