Drop the Bags!!!

emotional-baggage-claim  How many of us STILL carry these bags? I want to talk about this today and how your Young Living oils can give you freedom from this.

Yesterday morning I woke up still feeling completely off from the day before. Buying a new car, dealing with the bank, in a strange town and driving home; all those combined caused me a major emotional setback. I had my rock with me, I have a strong faith, I was even using my oils…… BUT it still shot my cortisol levels through the roof. In short my emotions were in control, and there was really no shutting them off. **saw a excerpt yesterday that said a few minutes of stress depresses your immune system for HOURS! Well, mine was shot. I felt like I got hit by a truck.

I get home from “said day” and just fall into bed exhausted, after being angry at KC about some nonsense. I had restless sleep that night. The next morning I get up early to apologize to him and have some coffee and Jesus with him before work. As we are sitting and talking he points out to me in a subtle soft way that my anger was “baggage” from an experience in my first marriage. We both have been married before. KC is extra intuitive and knows me better then I know myself. I instantly start letting the tears roll again and YES, he is right it is. Why didn’t I recognize that for what it was? My mind protecting itself? Emotions not healed up?

With forgiveness and faith we let go of the baggage, over and over and over again. With the help of oils, we can remember those experiences and NOT LET the emotion take control of our hearts and minds again. Letting go of this baggage is a process. When we aren’t carrying that baggage we are free to do better with the present day we are in. Here is how it starts.

First, recognize that baggage for what it is. Experiences that might and usually cause trauma- physical injuries, emotional abuse, physical abuse, loss of someone important to you, huge life changes, rejection, neglect, an experience you went through that TOTALLY is not something you would have chosen for yourself or imagined(think military, war, natural disaster) Identifying where the hurt/pain/grief came from is so important. You might think it is the situation that is here in the present, but honestly it could be years and years back where it began.

Take time to pray, think and journal about it. Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers.

  1. Where is this coming from?
  2. Why did this hurt me?
  3. How was the person that did this hurting?
  4. How did I feel in that moment?
  5. Why did this happen? What can I gain from this experience?
  6. WHO can be helped by me going through this?
  7. Would this person want me living in the past?

When you have a handle on the HOW then start working on the NOW! Most times my baggage is hurt and anger. I know my trigger emotions. Hurt, Neglect, Feeling unappreciated and Lonely are just a few. Yesterday it was grief as well from losing a loved one. Missing my grandma was holding me back from making an important connection in my life. My grandma Doris would “gently” get after me if she was here. So time to work on the NOW.

Gary Young laid out the blends and gave us great instruction on how to use them. It is time more of my team knew this process. I am planning a class on this. Keep your eyes open for it on the team page and let’s get to healing some hurts and living in the present.

Lots of Love,



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