Faith and Oils


faithUsing oils for me first started with a plan of action to help my daughter when I couldn’t be there for her on the bus. It was my way of “giving her a hug” . As I have worked with oils I understand the intent of the oil when you apply it and find that oils can directly support my growth as a Christian. I use oils with my most precious people in life, why wouldn’t I use them to support my most important relationship with God my creator. Here are a few examples of how I am using my oils concerning my faith. (these are my practices, not a prescription)

Sacred Frankincense– This is my favorite essential oil for meditating and times of prayer. Sometimes I feel as if we have a block or we just aren’t “hearing” from God during prayer time. There are times where I feel distracted and I can’t keep my mind on prayer or “listening” for the Holy Spirit. I apply one drop of this to my forehead and 1 drop to the top of my head. I have been known to take a drop to my palm and cup my nose and breath deeply before beginning prayer or devotions. Gary did some fantastic research on his farm in Oman when he was searching for the best Frankincense for us. Muscat Oman Farm

Forgiveness– This oil was created by Gary Young to help us forgive offenses from others. As a Christian we all know that lack of forgiveness is a sin and it blocks us from having a close intimate relationship with him. I apply this to the acupuncture point on my ear and speak “I forgive you ______ for _______” to help me let go of the hurt and frustration. Does it take time, YES! God is good though, he is with us in those hurt moments as well.

Release– This oil when applied to our liver can help us let go of some of the anger we hold. Traditional Chinese Medicine states that specific emotions resonate in specific organs. Following a routine of using Release on the liver supports a healthy organ and mind.

White Angelica– For my husband , this oil has been priceless. Some people are “emotional sponges” they feel other people’s hurts and pain. Empathetic really doesn’t completely explain how it feels with these things especially when you are around people a lot. Some energy practioners struggle with being around or trying to work on people who have tons of negative energy as well. So this oil is great for blocking negative energy. it is like putting on an “angel hug”. Protection helps us continue to do God’s work daily. We conserve our own energy and block out the negative energy from just living in this broken world.


Trust your gut with oils. Praying over them is important as well. When I first started using Young Living “intent” was why I was willing to spend the extra money on Young Living vs other companies. Gary Young’s mission was HEALING and helping God’s people. When I give oils to my family and friends, I pray God is blessing them in many many ways.


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