Why choose Young Living?

loyalI always am asked the question of “Why did I choose Young Living?” This is a question that I think a ton of people ask when they see so many different oils that are on the market. They see price differences that don’t make sense or some oils say “Organic” . I want to address some of these topics with you and really help you understand why Young Living is worth every single penny.

First Gary– D. Gary Young was the founder of the modern day essential oil movement. He is the founder of Young Living. Gary was born in Idaho to a dirt poor family. He left home young to start his own ranch and logging company and pursue his dreams. When he suffered a life threatening logging accident his life took a turn. They didn’t believe he would ever walk again. Gary’s stubborn attitude had other things in mind. Over this time of searching for healing, 13 years, God was working on Gary’s heart and leading him to a path of seeking out natural healing methods. You can find more on Gary at this site. D. Gary Young  In my eyes God needed Gary to go through hell in order to fuel his research and to find faith in his source of healing. To see him, meet him and hear him speak was something I truly treasure. You saw his heart on his sleeve, felt his passion for essential oils and helping to heal our next generations. I knew his heart wasn’t about the money, it was about following the path God had set for him, and serving God by serving people.

Quality– Young Living has a Seed to Seal commitment on every oil they produce. This commitment has three pillars.

Science- Gary Young designed our distilling facilities, he worked to improve the distilling process, by literally climbing in a working distillation tank at one time , he was diligent about creating product that was of the highest value at a great price. We staff two in house laboratories with 50+ scientists and work with dozens of independent labs to test our products. Read more here

Sourcing- Where does Young Living get their oils? We have our own farms!!! You WON’T find this with other companies. “Lauren Walker guides the process of sourcing products from carefully vetted corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers and testing them extensively. If our exhaustive tests show that a product doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t buy it, or we reject the batch.”Read here  If it is not up to their highest quality they don’t sell it.

Standards- Young Living has always been about the highest standards. Can you company say this? The INTENT of Young Living oils is to CARE for the body. The intent was not money. I want to work with oils of good intent and karma, not oils that were adulterated with fillers or chemicals. There are company that have stolen our information and recipes…… That is not the karma or intent I want when I am working on my family to support their immune systems, for example. More on Standards

Choices– We already live in a world that is completely overwhelming when it comes to toxins. Using Seed to Seal oils in my world just makes sense. I have seen their farms, their labs, met their people and understand the heart of what this company offers. I personally would pay more for everything they offer. I will continue to give it to my loved ones, work with them on my loved ones and pray for this company to continue these standards of excellence for many many more years to come.


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