Proactive with Zyto Scan

I am under the assumption that most of us “know” when we just feel off or not like ourselves. The problem is that most of us aren’t willing to try to identify the problem or where it stems from. Fear is common when it comes to our health because we have seen some of our loved ones suffer with serious disease. Some people don’t like going to the doctors for fear of BAD NEWS. It is time to start being proactive with our health.

Most of you know that being on our team offers you the option of a health scan called a Zyto. Zyto is a software program that works with galvanic skin response to identify “weakness” in terms of energy within the body. When areas are needing support Zyto software adds Young Living products to a list that will help bring your body back to balance.

I offer Zyto Scan Open houses 2x’s a month. It is worth it to get a scan and identify what your body needs help with. Then after using those oils or supplements you can scan again the next month to see how your body has improved.

If this a “doctor” NO. Can it tell you “what’s wrong” NO. The purpose is to be PROACTIVE and add healthy energy and support before you feel completely run down or ill. I compare it to checking and changing your oil BEFORE anything happens so you can keep up the smooth sailing.

Get rest, wash your hands, get sleep, eat healthy and be proactive. Support your body’s balance now.

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