Hi, welcome to our blog. I have been teaching for 21 years, coaching for 10 and now my oils are my passion as well. I am a mom of three daughters. Abi is 18, Chloe 16 and Lily 12. My oil journey started when Abi was struggling with bullying in 2nd grade. My husband KC is the Vitality Oil king part of this business. He loves teaching others how to incorporate their oils into recipes in the kitchen, as well as those who struggle with emotional pain. KC is my better half.  Tonya

Today I use oils for everything. I make a lot of my own products at home. For example, deodorant, body soap, makeup removing wipes, laundry soap, and emotional support roll-ons.

My oils are my ministry. To share them is like sharing love with someone. They are safe and effective for many many things. The best part is when someone share’s their “Miracle Moment” with me about their oils we celebrate together and tell our team about it.

My education background is Biology, so how they effect and support the body is something I can easily teach to others and understand. Vicki, my sister, is who started me on this journey. This company has brought us closer, through sharing, educating and fun trips to Utah to bring home new products and ideas for our teams. Did I mention she is also a Certified Naturopath?

Please feel free to reach out and ask a TON of questions about your kit or how to use it. We are committed to educating you on how to care for your family with the healthiest products on the planet.



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Janet Harden says:

    I am so interested in using essential oils and have been using a few for a couple of years. There is so much to learn about them and to not use over the counter or prescription drugs.


    1. Coach Teach Oil says:

      There are so many resources out there to give you smart researched information on use. You need good people to help you sort it all out. It is worth the invested time in researching. Just remember there is always a balance. I try oils first, if I am not getting relief I see my doctor. Simple as that.


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