Green Acres


Coach Teach Oil Events

June 13 Young Living Essential Oils 101 6-7:30pm at 10595 Grand Ledge Hwy Sunfield MI 

This class is geared towards the rookies or oil users who want to learn more about how to use their oils besides just diffusing.

June 30 Convention Recap 6pm at 10595 Grand Ledge Hwy, Sunfield MI 

We will look at all the new products and I will bring you info from the company concerning any changes or updates. Hopefully, we will be trying some new products as well.


I am willing to set up and accommodate a workshop for your team. Making essential oil products is fun and quick. Contact me if you would like a party with friends.

Zyto Scans

Call me to make an appointment to do a Zyto scan for you or your family. This scan creates a more detailed picture of what Young Living products will help you create a better balance for your body.  This scan is free to my downline members and $20 for those who aren’t currently signed up with Young Living.

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