I can’t tell you how many times people ask about this oil. It is great for making your immune system “superman” strength. I drink this oil (1 drop in a cup of warm water), apply it neat to my feet, mix with coconut oil for applying to chest and back. We have Thieves cleaner that is natural and healthy. Thieves hand sanitizer is a great one to use in place of all the “stinky” unnatural ones.


This oil is great for supporting your digestive system. This time of year, people are trying not to get the Flu bug. By drinking one drop of Peppermint I am supporting my digestive system and preventing upset stomach. Peppermint can also be used in your hot cocoa. There are so many uses for this oil, check your desk reference for more information.

At the Casino!

This weekend I visited the casino. I was heading back to my room and saw the sanitizer they offer all around the floor. The first thought I had was yuck more chemicals. My second thought was Thieves Sanitizer. I had some in my purse and used it. I love the small one ounce bottles they offer. Contact me if you aren’t already signed up for Young Living and we can talk about your “clean” options. Take Care

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